Check out our new “World Domination” Geography game video…!
We created a series of 3 quick videos demonstrating how simple it is to implement Google Ready Products into your Classroom! This first video shows you how to sign up and get started.
Check out part two of our video series on how to integrate Google Classroom! This video will walk you through the steps on how to open, save and make copies of the Instructomania Ancient and World History and US History curriculum sold on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Here’s the 3rd video which will walk you through how simple it is to create an assignment.

Uploaded on 31 Jan 2012 – This walks you through two examples from historical events and how to draw basic characters. The template used is provided on youtube at

Published on 8 Jun 2016 – Students created a samurai from newspaper and old assignments. An oral presentation followed.

Published on 10 Jun 2016 Make an animated explainer video for free at:

Published on 28 Apr 2016 Remember the basics for 7 scientists during the Scientific Revolution.

Uploaded on 30 Jan 2012 – Through big idea storyboard window activity students organize major concepts that they learn in history class. This video walks them through illustrating and defining the concepts of economy, government, social class, geography, achivements and religion.

Published on 17 Jan 2014 – World History, Pavlovich, Oak Crest Middle School.

Published on 14 Jan 2014 – The following is a lesson on how to draw a shadow silhouette of both an Aztec Warrior and a Spanish Conquistador. The video discusses varying topics and perspectives of both the Aztecs and Spaniards. This video is intended for late elementary to early high school grades.

Published on 3 Sep 2016 This is used with the Political Cartoon Template at the Instructomania store at