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Becoming  a member of Instructomania gives you immediate access to all of the curriculum year resources immediately including Distance Learning plans, Google Ready content, stations, activities, geography, vocabulary, historical snapshots, review materials, quizzes and bonus material.

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Our US History Bundles:

Instructomania US History Bundles are designed with options so teachers can choose what best fits for their lesson needs, time allotment, and personal style. All lessons are available in distance learning Google Ready and printable PDF versions. Our units are key concept focused and follow the same general sequence to ensure a structured teacher and learning environment. Every unit comes with:

1. Introduction Activity – Students view visuals, read excerpts, and make predictions about learning for the unit. Also, there is an end of unit summary activity included with every introduction lesson.

2. Vocabulary Building – Students complete a vocabulary activity independently, followed by fun review game options. Vocabulary lessons also come with distance learning games via quizlet.com in easy format for a structured review. Quizzes are provided in both editable versions and Google Forms versions.

3. Content Instruction – After introducing the content and vocabulary, a teachers can provide a general overview of the content. The bundles include several options, from teacher guided PowerPoint notes, student guided notes with graphic organizers, Historical Snapshot close readings with editable quizzes (in Google Docs and Forms) that assess both skills and key content and reading stations that include a distance learning Online Reading Investigation version

4. Activities – The bundles have a multitude of Common Core literacy and writing options from which teachers can choose. There are MORE activities in the bundles than typically used in a given year. First, teachers select a desired assessment option, along with the skills (writing, literacy, document analysis, comprehension, project research) students will practice for the unit. Then, teachers can base activity choices on skills required in the assessment.

5. Review – Based on the assessment, teachers choose how to prepare students. Reviews are structured in order to help students recall information and are skill-based. The study guides, warmups, games, and doodle notes included with each unit make great review activities. The test study guides are designed to expose students to the excerpts used in the test in order to make meaning and to build vocabulary before the test.

6. Assessment – There are varying assessments in every bundle. Writing assessments, DBQs and Common Core multiple choice tests are among the options.