We'll Plan, You Be Super


We’ll Plan, You Be Super!- Instructomania Lessons

Instructomania units come with lesson guides and a scope a sequence with tons of innovative choices so teachers can choose what works best for their class ability and personal style. Units are built with organized content sub-folders such as geography, vocabulary, and content instruction and each subfolder is complete with quizzes in editable docs and easy-grading Google forms! Since each unit has a similar flow, students have a familiar class structure they can count on throughout the year and teacher planning is a stress-free!


Along with lesson guides and a scope and sequence, Instructomania units come with a linked (clickable) table of contents of all resources in both Google Ready and printable content! Upon a click activities are saved directly into your Google Drive for easy assigning into Google Classroom.
We’ve got you covered with a complete curricula that assesses student learning along the way during distance learning! All assessments are provided via Google Forms for EASY grading or in editable docs. Each Instructomania unit has quizzes for geography and vocabulary, and has a basic content assessment through a skill-based claim, evidence, reasoning quiz. Also, unit tests have skill practicing study guides that prepare students for skill and content-based unit tests.

Easy to Plan, Structured Units

Instructomania distance learning and printable units follow a sequence that makes planning a snap and embeds structure for students to flow within each unit. The content in each bundle is organized with the key “big idea” Common Core concepts for Social Studies in mind. The concepts covered are: economy, government /leadership, social classes, geography, religion, and achievements. Through teaching with key concepts as a filter, students will become familiar with the crucial attributes that have enabled civilizations to prosper and provide teachers with a framework for instruction. A foundation of key “big idea” concepts will guide students and class instruction with a platform to think critically, and make comparisons as young social scientists.


Our printable and Google Ready content is divided into 8 parts complete with quizzes for geography, vocabulary, and content with reading and writing skill focus. The bundles all have a similar structure for a familiar flow throughout The year. A scope and sequence is provided for easy planning:

I. HISTORY INVESTIGATION INTRODUCTION –  a fantastic introduction to content and reflection lesson! Students make predictions about learning for the unit. 
II. GEOGRAPHY – Loaded with instructional materials, geography activities, games, and quizzes!
III. VOCABULARY – Tons of choices to ensure student success. Includes a variety of fun, individual and group activities, interactive learning cards sorts, Quizlet online links, class games, and a quiz!
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS – The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES – Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
VI. BIG IDEAS REVIEW AND WRITING GUIDES –  Includes an introduction, fun summative activities that have students categorize learned content, and great writing guides with essential questions.
VII. WARM-UPS or REVIEW- These skill-based warm-ups can be used a daily or as a great review at the end of the unit:
VII. STUDY GUIDES AND ASSESSMENTS  Includes a comprehensive test study guide! Students pre-read the excerpts used in the test to define difficult words and create meaning before being exposed to content questions. The skill-based test that has students categorize, match, interpret text, and find the best evidence in a multiple-choice format!