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New Nation First Five Presidents Unit

Grade levels 7th – 11th
Subjects:  Social Studies – History, U.S. History

Now a complete unit with quizzes and tests just added! This is a comprehensive bundle loaded with new, common core activities that are guided by key concepts for Social Science. This packet has vigor and fun with tons of Common Core options. 

Teachers can pick and choose from 28 notes formats, Common Core readings, and worksheets, projects, and activities that fit your needs and teaching style the best. The packet includes:

I. Content Instruction – Notes, PowerPoints, and Stations

The content in this bundle is not just a random selection of activities with unclear expectations. Instructional content was designed with the framework of the key concepts of US History, including political, social, and economic development.

⭐1. New Nations Stations or PowerPoint with a graphic organizer

⭐2. Readings and graphic organizers for Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, and Jefferson.

All readings have the key concept for Social Science stated at the top, and they are divided by foreign and domestic policy for each president.

⭐3. New Nation Vocabulary Activity Set with 3 assignment options, 2 review game activities, and a quiz!

⭐4. 25 Warm-ups! Skill-Based, Mini-Lessons that can be used as a daily warm-up or an interactive student-centered review.

II. Activities, Guided Practice, and Common Core Readings 

⚡1.Presidents Mini-Biography Activity.

This is current, fun, and Common Core! The following templates are included:

* An Instagram Selfie

* Linkedin

* Facebook

* Tumblr

* FaceTime


⚡2. War Hawks and Doves, Primary Source Analysis

⚡3. Working with Primary Sources Packet that has 4 Analysis Templates and 7 Primary Sources from the New Nation Era for Students to Analyze

⚡4. The War of 1812: A Common Core Writing Activity

⚡5. A New Nation Flow Chart Activity

⚡6. A Hamilton and Jefferson Venn Diagram With Answer Key

⚡7. An interview with the President Interactive Class Activity with A graphic organizer.

⚡8. Hamilton and Jefferson Grudge Match Common Core Reading and Writing Assignment

⚡9. Washington’s Farewell Address Analysis Activity

⚡10. War of 1812 Close Reading and Activity Set

⚡11. Brand New! Warm-ups and Content Rich Mini-Lessons. A warm-up for each day that practices key reading and writing skills.

III. Assessments, Review, and Projects  

✍1. Two-Part First Five President DBQ (Document Based Questions) Assessment with 6 Primary Source Documents and Common Core Writing. This assessment is versatile with tons of teacher options for a differentiated classroom.

✍2. A Republican Federalist Common Core Mini-Project Booklet Activity with templates, rubric, and student examples.

✍3. A Fantastic Key Concept Map Activity, with graphic organizers, a matching assignment and writing guides with 3 options

✍4. NEW NATION TEST and QUIZ-Students read excerpts, passages from speeches and support claims from the text!

✍5. An inquiry-based learning BIO-Board project with rubric and gallery walk. Students create a project and showcase their work. Students complete a graphic organizer about other projects.

The following information is included in this bundle:

Foreign Policy

1. The French Revolution

2. The Neutrality Proclamation

3. Trade and Impressment

4. Washington’s Farewell Address

5. The XYZ Affair

6. The Embargo and Non Intercourse Acts

7. The War Hawks

8. The War of 1812

9. Revolutions in South America

10. The Monroe Doctrine

Domestic Policy

1. The National Bank

2. Hamilton’s Tariff Program

3. Repayment of Bonds

4. State Debts and Moving the Capital

5. The Whiskey Rebellion

6. The Alien and Sedition Acts

7. Federalists and Republican Party

Our printable and Google Ready content is divided into 8 parts complete with quizzes for geography, vocabulary, and content with reading and writing skill focus. The bundles all have a similar structure for a familiar flow throughout The year. A scope and sequence is provided for easy planning:

I. HISTORY INVESTIGATION INTRODUCTION a fantastic introduction to content and reflection lesson! Students make predictions about learning for the unit.
II. GEOGRAPHY Loaded with instructional materials, geography activities, games, and quizzes!
III. VOCABULARY Tons of choices to ensure student success. Includes a variety of fun, individual and group activities, interactive learning cards sorts, Quizlet online links, class games, and a quiz!
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS. The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS. The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES  Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
VI. BIG IDEAS REVIEW AND WRITING GUIDESIncludes an introduction, fun summative activities that have students categorize learned content, and great writing guides with essential questions.
VII. WARM-UPS or REVIEW These skill-based warm-ups can be used a daily or as a great review at the end of the unit:
VII. STUDY GUIDES AND ASSESSMENTS- Includes a comprehensive test study guide! Students pre-read the excerpts used in the test to define difficult words and create meaning before being exposed to content questions. The skill-based test that has students categorize, match, interpret text, and find the best evidence in a multiple-choice format!