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Medieval China Unit

China Dynasties Unit Plan Lesson Set Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan (Mongols) & Ming

Grade levels 5th – 10th, Homeschool 
Subjects: Social Studies: Social Studies – History, World History, Middle Ages

Now a complete unit with multiple assessment options! Individually this packet would cost over $75.00! This is a fantastic way to cover all of the key points for the Chinese Dynasties during the Medieval Period including the Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming. You can pick and choose from a ton of notes formats, Common Core worksheets, projects, and activities. Check out the PREVIEW for a closer look!

CONTENT– The content in the bundle is organized with the key “big idea” Common Core concepts for Social Studies in mind. The concepts covered are economy, leadership, social classes, geography, religion, and achievements.

A foundation of key “big idea” concepts will guide students and class instruction with a platform to think critically and make comparisons as young social scientists.

This Medieval China bundle is divided into 4 parts:

I. MEDIEVAL CHINA NOTES, POWERPOINTS, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CONTENT INSTRUCTION – The content instructional materials are both student centered and teacher driven depending on teacher preference:

✅1. Chinese Dynasty PowerPoint for all 5 Empires with key vocabulary

✅2. Printable Chinese Dynasty notes for all 5 empires

✅3. Nine Dynasty CCSS Literacy Reading Stations with two Common Core activity options

✅4. Religions of China PowerPoint Graphic Organizer, or Homework extension

✅5. PowerPoint Foot Binding Explanation with Medical Pictures

✅6. A Medieval China Introduction Investigation – Students analyze primary sources, look at maps and visuals to make predictions about their learning for the unit. It also comes with a summative reflection activity!

✅7. Daily Skill-Based Text Analysis Warm-Ups and Mini-Lessons – Student make inferences and predictions from text, choose the best evidence to support a claim, cite sources, paraphrase and learn to write strong commentary in these daily skill-based mini-lessons and practice slides.

II. MEDIEVAL CHINA ACTIVITIES, WORKSHEETS, PROJECTS, STATIONS AND CLOSE READINGS – Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.

⭐1. A complete Geography of China Introduction Mini-Bundle including seven activity options for both student-centered and direct Instruction! Now includes a geography quiz!

⭐2. A China Geography Satellite Map Introduction

⭐3. A complete vocabulary set with a vocabulary assignment, two review games, and quiz in both PDF and WORD. Now includes Quizlet links for online games!

⭐ 4. Judge Confucius and Judge Buddha Mock Trial Activity With Two Readings, Quotes, Mock Trail template and a Rubric!

⭐5. Chinese Dynasty Poem or Activity Book Project with Examples

⭐6. Song and Tang Golden Age Common Core Reading

⭐7. Song and Tang Golden Age Common Core Invention Chart

⭐8. Song and Tang Golden Age Common Core Writing Worksheet and fun invention advertisement assignment.

⭐9.Common Core Informative Paragraph Activity

⭐10. Consumer Report for a Chinese Invention Template

⭐11. Chinese Invention Pinterest Worksheet

12. Confucius Common Core Reading and Instagram extension Activity

⭐13. Buddha Common Core Reading and Twitter extension Activity

⭐14. Marco Polo DBQ (document-based question) project/assessment that is Common Core aligned with MANY options for group or individual work.

⭐15. Brand New Yuan Dynasty Historical Snap Shot Close Reading Investigation with Annotation with Quiz!

⭐16. Medieval China DBQ with three writing options. Could be an excellent assessment too!

⭐17. A fun Chinese Invention Infomercial Activity with Examples and a Graphic Organizer. My class LOVES this!

⭐18. Brand New Chinese Innovation SharkTank Lesson with rubrics, examples, teacher instructions, graphic organizers, and printables!

⭐19. What’s Your Destiny?Close reading and fun comprehension game. Students read and compete in a displayed class game board. Winning students choose a fictitious destiny that is shared with the class!

⭐20. Doodle World History Summary Activity. A fun, creative note-taking graphic organizer that allows students to detail the 6 key “big idea” concepts.

⭐21. A key concept field report

⭐22. Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, Resource Pack


⚡1. Printable Review Activity Graphic Organizer for Sharing Class

⚡2. Interactive Group Game based on notes with answer

⚡3. China Vocabulary Password

⚡4. Printable homework worksheet study scramble based on the notes for all five dynasties

⚡5. Jingle Mingle Fun Review Interative – Students mingle about the room finding partners. When the music stops, students address essential learning questions together!

⚡6. A comprehensive test study guide


✍1. Common Core Academic and Content Vocabulary Quiz, Geography and Reading Quizzes

✍2.Common Core Literacy and Writing Test with three sections. In Both PDF and Word. Easy to Modify!

✍3. The TWO DBQs in the activity section are also GREAT assessments!

Have a great China Unit!

Our printable and Google Ready content is divided into 8 parts complete with quizzes for geography, vocabulary, and content with reading and writing skill focus. The bundles all have a similar structure for a familiar flow throughout The year. A scope and sequence is provided for easy planning:

I. HISTORY INVESTIGATION INTRODUCTION a fantastic introduction to content and reflection lesson! Students make predictions about learning for the unit.
II. GEOGRAPHY Loaded with instructional materials, geography activities, games, and quizzes!
III. VOCABULARY Tons of choices to ensure student success. Includes a variety of fun, individual and group activities, interactive learning cards sorts, Quizlet online links, class games, and a quiz!
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS. The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS. The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES  Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
VI. BIG IDEAS REVIEW AND WRITING GUIDESIncludes an introduction, fun summative activities that have students categorize learned content, and great writing guides with essential questions.
VII. WARM-UPS or REVIEW These skill-based warm-ups can be used a daily or as a great review at the end of the unit:
VII. STUDY GUIDES AND ASSESSMENTS- Includes a comprehensive test study guide! Students pre-read the excerpts used in the test to define difficult words and create meaning before being exposed to content questions. The skill-based test that has students categorize, match, interpret text, and find the best evidence in a multiple-choice format!