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American Revolution Unit

Grade levels 6th – 10th, Homeschool 
Subjects:  Social Studies – History, U.S. History

This is a comprehensive activity and notes bundle covering the events leading to the American Revolution, declaring independence and key aspects of the war. Teachers can pick and choose from 30 notes formats, Common Core readings and worksheets, projects, activities and assessments that fit your needs and teaching style the best. The packet includes:

I. Content Instruction – Cloze Notes, PowerPoints, and Vocabulary 

⚡1. Events Leading to the Revolution PowerPoint with key vocabulary that can also be printed and used as stations

⚡2. Printable American Revolution notes & graphic organizer that can used with PowerPoint, Stations or Revolution Notes!

3. War Time, France and Spain Join the War! PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer

⚡4. The Great Awakening PowerPoint

⚡5. A complete Revolution Vocabulary Set that includes 3 assignment options, two games and a vocabulary quiz!

⚡6. 25 Warm-ups! Skill-Based, Mini-Lessons that can be used as a daily warm-up or an interactive student-centered review.

II. Activities, Guided Practice and Common Core Close Readings

⭐1. American Revolution Reading Stations Activity with tons of lesson options, stations signs and graphic organizers!

⭐2. Road to Revolution Historical Snapshot with close reading, graphic organizer, annotation guide and Fun WAR-O-METER graphic organizer!

⭐3. Interactive Jeopardy Review Game

⭐4. American Revolution Game Board Project with rubric and Examples

⭐5. Printable Instagram from a soldier activity

⭐6. Printable Text Message Thomas Jefferson Activity with Phone Template

⭐7. Printable Letter to King George Activity

⭐8. Common Core Primary Source Document Analysis:Declaration of Independence Worksheets

⭐9. Common Core Primary Source Document Analysis:Common Sense Pamphlet by Thomas Paine

⭐10. American Revolution Fun Skit Activity with Graphic Organizer for Students to copy down key points

⭐11. Internet The History Place Event Leading to Revolution Worksheet for Home or School Computer Lab

⭐12. Printable Rating Colonial Unrest Worksheet

⭐13. Printable Political Cartoon Template

⭐14. Martial Law in the Colonies: Common Core Primary Source Reading and Analysis Activity

⭐15. Franklin Reacts to the Stamp Act: Common Core Primary Source Reading and Analysis Activity

⭐16. The Sugar Act: Common Core Primary Source Reading and Analysis Activity

⭐17. Patriots and Loyalists: Who Said It? Common Core Reading and Writing Activity

⭐18. Battles of the American Revolution Lesson Set! Stations, Interactive Google Map or Game!

⭐ 19. History Investigation Intro Activity- Students analyze visuals and excerpts to make predictions about unit learning!

⭐ 20. Jingle Mingle Review Fun Interactive- Students mingle about the room finding partners, when the music stops, students address essential learning questions together.

⭐ 21. US History Doodle Notes- A fun, creative, hands-on key concept based review activity!

III. American Revolution Assessments – Tests, Quizzes and DBQs

✍1. Common Core Vocabulary Matching Worksheet Quiz

✍2. Two Part American Revolution DBQ (Document Based Questions) Assessment with 6 Primary Source Documents and Common Core Writing. This assessment is versatile with tons of teacher options for a differentiated classroom.

✍3. American Revolution Academic Vocabulary Quiz and Common Core Test-Students analyze text, support claims and infer meaning!

Our printable and Google Ready content is divided into 8 parts complete with quizzes for geography, vocabulary, and content with reading and writing skill focus. The bundles all have a similar structure for a familiar flow throughout The year. A scope and sequence is provided for easy planning:

I. HISTORY INVESTIGATION INTRODUCTION a fantastic introduction to content and reflection lesson! Students make predictions about learning for the unit.
II. GEOGRAPHY Loaded with instructional materials, geography activities, games, and quizzes!
III. VOCABULARY Tons of choices to ensure student success. Includes a variety of fun, individual and group activities, interactive learning cards sorts, Quizlet online links, class games, and a quiz!
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS. The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
IV. CONTENT INSTRUCTION- NOTES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, CLOSE READINGS and STATIONS. The content instructional materials are both student-centered and teacher-driven depending on teacher preference:
V. ACTIVITIES  Current, engaging and interactive activities that have students process information.
VI. BIG IDEAS REVIEW AND WRITING GUIDESIncludes an introduction, fun summative activities that have students categorize learned content, and great writing guides with essential questions.
VII. WARM-UPS or REVIEW These skill-based warm-ups can be used a daily or as a great review at the end of the unit:
VII. STUDY GUIDES AND ASSESSMENTS- Includes a comprehensive test study guide! Students pre-read the excerpts used in the test to define difficult words and create meaning before being exposed to content questions. The skill-based test that has students categorize, match, interpret text, and find the best evidence in a multiple-choice format!